ALTEN China 2018 Christmas Party


On the occasion of Christmas in 2018, ALTEN opened the Christmas Party in the "new home" (Jingan District). On Christmas Eve, everyone’s sincere wish cards were hung up to decorate the Christmas tree.

"Santa Claus" and "Rudolph" distributed different patterns of lucky balls to everyone, and they needed to be open at the right time. Each of the different patterns of lucky balls represented different teams. The captains of each team was quickly selected, and each captain was heroic.



In the game session, the ranking determined the order in which the gifts were selected. Everyone cooperated together and worked hard to find the prescribed things quickly.


Everyone got the corresponding gift according to the serial number. When they opened the gift, we can heard a burst of surprises cheers. The most popular Top 5 givers received extra rewards.

At the moment when everyone thought the event was over, the surprise moment arrived, all the employees opened their lucky ball, and the lucky ones with the little stars got extra gifts.


Every employee of ALTEN China enjoyed a lot of fun, and everyone harvested gifts and gained a lot of warmth. Such a big family with love, this is ALTEN China.