ALTEN China 2017 Christmas Team Building in Jump 360



ALTEN China organized a Christmas team building in the Jump 360 where is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai.

The venue is full of funny activities including dunking trampoline, dodging trampoline, CS trampoline and Free-style trampoline.

After a series of warm-up exercises, everyone was eager to try, one after another, immersed in joy.  




In the process of playing, ALTEN China's employees didn’t forget to record this unforgettable moment. Most of these photos come from our lovely employees. 




Coaches led everyone to do the warm-up, so we could avoid injury when playing games.

In the freestyle trampoline, ALTEN China's employees all jumped up. At that height, the air seemed to be different from the usual breath.



Trampoline is not just a simple game, it is also a kind of exercise that tests wisdom and teamwork.

ALTEN China’s employees were grouped in dodgeball and CS category trampolines. Even Lawrence, General Manager of ALTEN China, was touched with this warm atmosphere and joined the trampoline.




All the ALTEN China employees enjoyed themselves so much during the activity. Everyone understands "Work hard, Play hard". Besides, whether it’s in work or in life, or when they play, we all cherish the moment spending with our colleagues.